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Water Proof Concrete

Compared to traditional methods of achieving watertight structures, Coppard Concrete Water Proof Concrete is a simpler alternative offering contractors, engineers and clients the competitive edge in both cost and time savings.

Utilising the latest admixture technology, Coppard Concrete Water Proof Concrete gives confidence to all those involved in the project.

Every good quality concrete will allow the passage of water through it as a function of capillarity, when there is water on one side of the structure and air on the other, the volume of capillary pores in the concrete mix is proportional to the water/cement ratio.

Process that is used to achieve a watertight concrete

  • Reduce the water cement ratio, increasing the density of the mix using a super plasticizer. Whilst producing a highly workable concrete to aid placement and compaction
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Water Proof Certificates

Water proof one certificate

Water proof two certificate

Water proof three certificate

Where to use it

  • All underground applications
  • Reservoirs
  • Sewage treatment works
  • Dams
  • Water tanks
  • Liquid storage tanks
  • Underground car parks
  • Plant rooms
  • Basements
  • Tunnels
  • Archive storage areas


  • Quality-assured
  • Sustainable
  • Eliminates the use of oil based (polyethylene) and other synthetic products such as membranes
  • Greatly reduces waste on site
  • Reduces vehicle movements to site


  • Keeps water in or out as required
  • Enhanced long term performance including increased durability
  • Reduced risk of reinforcement corrosion
  • Reduces installation time and cost
  • Available as a pumpable or flowing mix

Benefits subject to good concreting practice (placement, finishing and curing).

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