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Forta Ferro 54 structural fiber

which can be used as a substitute for steel mesh in concrete floors and pavements.

Forta Ferro 54

combines synthetic structural fibres and a monofilament fibre mesh which offers reinforcement and shrinkage control throughout the concrete – not just where the steel happens to be placed.  By dosing Forta Ferro 54 at your batching plant your customer no longer has to store, carry, cut and place the steel mesh. This saves him both time and money.  The concrete you deliver is already reinforced and just needs to be placed and finished to provide fully reinforced concrete – straight from the truck!

Reduce Bleed Water

Bleed water is forced to the surface when the stones in the concrete sink. Forta Ferro 54 Fibers depending on dosage make it much harder for the stone to sink and so reduces bleed water, improving the quality of the surface concrete.

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