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Proform Screed Rail

Proform screed rail is now available in 2 sizes. Proform 100 is suitable for slabs of a thickness of 100mm to 175mm. Proform 137 is suitable for slabs of a thickness 137mm to 225mm. Since designing the original Proform screed rail product we have made a number of design improvements. The top rail is now much more robust and totally secure when the concrete has cured. We have added additional scribe lines for the drilling holes for dowel bars suitable for concrete slabs at depth of 100mm 150mm and 200mm. If you need to remove the top rail after curing please contact us.

Advantages of Proform

  • Reduces labour costs
  • No Roadforms required
  • Can be used with dowel bars and mesh
  • No damaging of road forms
  • No need for fibre board
  • Makes large pours in to workable size slabs
  • No need for timber
  • Saves time and money
  • Integral expansion joint / crack inducer
  • Readily available
  • No hire of road forms
  • No saw cutting in concrete
  • Can be used as just a form
  • Robust and tough
  • Large areas can be poured in one
  • Available in 3 metre beams
  • Easy to use and join
  • Can be used with roller strikers, vibrating tamps, or even timber
  • Can be used as just a crack inducer
  • Faster pouring and set up times
  • Lightweight
  • No cleaning of road forms
  • One person can install
  • Can be used over existing concrete if required
  • Adaptable for different depth of slab

Industrial Concrete Ramp

Recycling Yard Industrial Ramp April 2011 (Concrete Poured)
This set of images show the laying of an industrial concrete ramp at a recycling depot.  The concrete has intensive traffic with heavy skips being loaded and unloaded constantly. The final image shows the Proform screed rail clearly standing up to the test of time.

Concrete Stable Yard

This set of images shows how easy it is to set out and pour large areas of concrete without the need for a large team of men on site.

Concrete Garden Patio

This set of images shows the Proform Screed Rail being used on a small concrete garden patio.
Step 1 – The area to be concreted is marked out and the levels are set using the Proform Screed Rails. The Proform is bedded in and allowed to cure sufficiently. Recommended minimum time is 24 hours or though longer is better.
Step 2 – With all levels set, the main concrete pour is easy as the forms are in place. The time on site for the concrete lorry is reduced and any waiting time costs are minimized, therefore saving you money. The screed rails will control cracking to the lines you have set and they allow for the concrete to expand and contract reducing the risk significantly of uncontrolled cracking.

For more details, speak with our professional team. They will be happy to assist you.

Proform Concrete

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