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What is a Concrete Pump?

A concrete pump is a piece of plant that transports poured concrete from the mixer vehicles to the required location. The concrete can be delivered by the truck’s chute into the pump’s hopper and is then pumped through pipes and poured into the necessary place.

General Pumping Benefits

Concrete pumping is the most efficient way to deliver concrete to the exact location required. This is especially relevant if the site is difficult to access with wheel barrows, or if you have placed a large order.

Key Benefits

  • Cleaner delivery – no mess or spills
  • Accurate, metered delivery for cost efficiency
  • Easy access to hard to reach locations
  • Long reach pipes to navigate almost any obstacle or access issue
  • Faster delivery – saving time and manpower

Advantages achieved by sourcing the concrete and pump from one company

  • If extra long pump lines are required we will ensure that the concrete is of suitable quality as to not block the line
  • When using our pump and concrete we can control the deliveries to site to suit speed / size of pour
  • If there is a complication with either the concrete or pump it is our problem because we control both, therefore avoiding common disputes between the pump operator and concrete supplier
  • We can guarantee that our pump can pump our concrete and our concrete will go through our pump
  • As we are in control of both the pump and concrete, we can ensure that the pump gets to site first and follow’s shortly after with the concrete

Ground Pumps and Boom Pumps

  • Ground line pumps with pipes that are set out along the ground. They can be laid to buildings, up or down stairs, ramps and around any other obstacles
  • Boom pumps raise the pipeline with a hydraulic arm that can be lifted up to and over buildings and obstacles to pour the concrete from above using an extendable boom arm

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